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In the December/January edition of Jazzwise magazine, a number of contributors predict who they think were the up and coming names we should look out for in the coming year. Why not set yourself the challenge of listening to at least two of them and seeing what you think? We shall feature some of them over the coming months to remind you. If you think any of them are particularly outstanding, let us know.

It is also interesting to look back to see whose names have been put forward in past years and how many can be recognised as being prominent on the jazz scene now, so with one year missing, we have kept a record (see below).


The 2019 suggestions for 'Who To Look Out For'


Graham Costello’s STRATA (band)
Matt Carmichael (saxophone)
Bex Burch (gyll, Ghanaian xylophone)
Harlem Hellfighters (band)
John Schofield Quartet (band)
Morpher (band)
Samantha Wright Quintet (band)
Bela Horvath Trio (band)
Louis Cole (drums / America)
Jamie Murray’s Beat Replacement (band)
Seth Tackaberry (bass)
Charlie Stacey (keyboards)
Tomasz Bura (keyboards, Poland) x 2
Joe Armon-Jones (piano)
Trio HLK (band)
Joe Wright (saxophone)
Luigi Marino (electronic media and percussion)
Andrew Lisle (drums)
Signe Emmeluth (saxophone, Norway/Denmark)
Cassie Kinoshi (saxophone)
Sarah Tandy (piano) x 2
Cherise Adams-Burnett (vocals)
James Francies (piano / America)
Jonny Mansfield’s Elftet (band)
Tom Barford (saxophone)
Riley Stone-Lonergan (saxophone)
Vels Trio (band)
Arthur O’Hara (bass)
Nubya Garcia (saxophone, flute)
Angelika Niescier (saxophone / Germany)
David Swan (piano)
Melissa Aldana (saxophone)
Tia Fuller (saxophone)
Romama Campbell (drums)
Tiffany Austin (vocals)
Alex Munk (guitar)
Alex Hitchcock (saxophone)
Georgia Cecile (vocals)
Rosie Frater-Taylor (vocals)
Lorraine Baker (drums)
Irreversible Entanglements (band)
Calum Gourlay (bass)




The 2018 suggestions


Arnauld Dolmen (drums)
Jonny Mansfield (drums and vibes) mentioned x 2
Mary Halvorson (guitar)
Colin Steele (trumpet)
Joe Armon-Jones (piano and keyboards)
James Beckwith (piano and keyborads - mentioned twice)
Yussef Dayes (drums - mentioned twice)
Alex Hitchcock (saxophone)
Tom Barford (saxophone)
Jeppe Zeeberg (piano)
Lasse Mørch (bass)
Yelfris Valdés (trumpet)
Sam Barnett (saxophone) (mentioned twice)
Sarah Tandy (piano)
David Virelles (piano)
Jason Stein (bass clarinet)
David Austing Grey (piano)
Thomas Morgan (bass)
Tatiana Mayfield (vocalist)
Alexandra Ridout (trumpet)
Stephen Henderson (drums)
Cath Roberts (saxophone)
Dee Byrne (saxophone)
Rohey (vocalist)
Mali Hayes (vocalist)
Chris Mapp (bass)

Bands / Groups

Butcher Brown Quintet
Zenel Trio
Maisha (mentioned twice)
Binker and Moses
House Of Waters
Korhan Fatuci & Kara Orkestra
Hermia/Ceccaldi/Darrifourcq Trio
Pablo Held Trio




The 2016 suggestions

National Youth Jazz Orchestra
Alex Hitchcock (saxophone)
Kamasi Washington (saxophone)
Tim Thornton (bass)
Hannes Riepler
Corrie Dick (drums)
Rosie Turton (trombone)
Dwight Trible (vocals)
Mohini day electric bass
Mette Rasmussen (saxophone)
Michael Pipoquinha (bass guitar)
Cath Roberts (saxophone)
Craig Scott (guitar)
Ralph Wyld (vibes)
Nikolas Anadolis (piano)
Angelika Niescier (saxophone)
Laia Genc (piano)
Edgar Knecht (piano)

Han Ludermann (piano)
Joe Wright (saxophone) nominated twice
Mark Pringle (piano)
Der Beren Gieren (band)
Gary Crosby’s groundation band
Marquis Hill (trumpet)
Theon Cross (tuba)
Susan Alcom (pedal steel)
Bex Burch’s Vula Viel ensemble
Joshua Jawson (saxophone)
Mette Henriette (saxophone)
Aaron Wheeler and Todd Baker’s Lydian Collective
Shez Raja collective
Rachel Musson (saxophone)
Jazzmeia Horn (vocals)
Trope (band)
Neriya (band)
David Patrick (piano)


The 2015 list of suggestions:


Dominic J Marshall (piano - named twice)
Moses Boyd (drums - named twice)
Tori Freestone (saxophone)
Jake Labazzi (trumpet)
Leo Richardson (saxophone)
Rachael Cohen (saxophone)
Jamie McCredie (guitar)
Emile Parisien (saxophone, France)
Krokofant (band, Norway)
Brandon Allen (saxophone)
Steve Fishwick (trumpet)
Henry Armburg Jennings (trumpet)
Hedvig Mollestad (guitar, Norway)
The Hot Sardines (band, USA)
Chris 'Daddy' Dave (drums)
Eliane Correa & En El Aire Project (band)
Premature Burial (band)
Elen Andrea Wang (bass, vocals)
The Grip (band)

David Austin Grey & the Hansu-Tori band
Fat-Suit (band)
Olivia Trummer (vocals)
Andrew Woodhead (piano)
Conor Chaplin (bass)
Mak Murtic & Mimik Ensemble (Croatia)
Shalosh Trio (band, Israel)
Misha Mullov-Abbado (bass)
Kyle Shepherd (piano, South Africa)
Pablo Held (piano, Germany)
Percy Pursglove (trumpet)
Hannes Riepler (guitar)
Anton Hunter (guitar)
David Virelles (piano, Cuba/New York)
Alice Zawadski (violin, vocals)
Phil Meadows (saxophone)
Lewis Wright (vibraphone)
Utsav Lal (piano)
Jon Rume Strøm (bass, Norway)


The names suggested for 2014 were:

David Binney (alto sax)
Jacob Collier (vocalist)
Tom Green (trombone)
Ant Law (guitar)
Laura Jurd (trumpet)
Moses Boyd (drums)
Roller Trio (band)
Tin Men & The Telephone (band)
Amy Gamlen (sax)
Tom Challenger (sax)
Elliott Galvin (piano)
Liai Genc (piano)
Jaimeo Brown (drums)
Tori Handsley (harp)
Lauren Kinsella (vocalist)
Luis Mather (sax)

Koenigleopold (band)
Aaron Parks (piano)
Obed Calvaire (drums)
Ollie Howell (drums)
Brian Molley (sax)
Corey Mwamba (vibes)
Dave Kane (bass)
Joshua Blackmore (drums)
Dan Nicholls (keyboards and sax)
Nick Roth (sax),
Alex Roth (guitar)
Simon Roth (drums)
Nadim Teimoori (sax)
Pedro Segundo (drums)
Reuben James (piano)
Tori Freestone (sax)


WHO WAS NEW - The predictions for 2013

Trish Clowes (saxophone)
Liz Fletcher (vocals)
George Crowley (saxophone)
Alex Bonney (trumpet)
Andrew Plummer (vocals)
Olavi Louhivuori (drums)
Joe Crowley (saxophone)
Igor Gehenot Trio
Laura Jurd (trumpet)
Corrie Dick (drums)
Elliot Galvin (piano)
Stephen ‘Thundercat’ Bruner (bass and vocals)
Derrick Hodge (bass)
Taco Bells Trio
Sami pekkola (saxophone)
Jaako Tolvi (drums)
Tero Kemppainen (double bass)
Bernt Moen (piano)
Monica Akihary (vocals)
Luis Perdomo (piano)
Aruan Ortiz (piano)
Dafnis Prieto (percussion)
Greg ward (saxophone)
Gogo Penguin band
Hannah Marshall (cello)
Emilia Martensson (vocals
Barry Green (piano)
Chris Whiter (saxophone)
Cecile McLorin Salvant (vocals)
Charanee Wade (vocals)
Jazz Horn
Jack davies (trumpet)
Elliot Galvin (piano)
Sam rapley (saxophone)
Nicholas payton (trumpet)
Jonathan Batiste (piano)
Vasilis Xenopoulos (saxophone)
Riley Stone-Lonergan (saxophone)
Kit Downes (piano)
Seb Rochford (drums)
Andrew Plummer’s Snack family
Linda Oh (bass)
Mike Fletcher (saxophone)
Eyes of a Blue Dog band
Ruaridh Pattison (saxophone)
Helena Kay (saxophone)
Mairi Chaimbeul (vocals)
Gogo Penguin band

WHO WAS NEW - The predictions for 2012

Tom Barford (saxophone)
Ronan Perritt (saxophone)
Tom Ridout (saxophone)
David Ferris (piano)
Ralph Wyld (vibes)
Chris Sharkey (guitar)
Dave Kane (bass)
Matthew Bourne (keyboards)
Chris Bussey (drums)
Sid Peacock ()
Dida Pelled (guitar/vocals)
Riley Stone-Lonergan (saxophone)
The Splitter Orchestra
Jackson Mathod (trumpet)
Adam King (bass)
Benet McLean (piano)
Beats and Pieces Big Band
Sam Leak (piano)
The World Service Project band
Emma Smith (vocals)
JD Allen (saxophone)
Stacy Dillard (Saxophone)
David Angol
Nat Birchall
Lluis Mather
Jonathan Silk
Chris Mapp
Nick Jurd
Nick Rundle
Rachel Cohen
Jeff Williams (drums)
Aga Zaryan (vocals)
The Flashmob Quartet
Emily Saunders (vocals)
Josh Arcoleo (saxophone)
Ambrose Akinmusire (trumpet)
Gard Nilssen (drums)
Eyolf Dale (piano)
Pablo Held (piano)
John Fleming (saxophone)
Fraser Campbell (saxophone)
Kaja Draksler’s Acropolis Quintet
Tom White (trombone)
Laura Jurd (trumpet)
Yazz Ahmed (trumpet)
Hakon Kornstad (saxophone)
Austin Peralta

WHO WAS NEW - The predictions for 2010


WHO WAS NEW - The predictions for 2009

Joe Wright (saxophone)
John Turville Trio
If Destroyed But True
Ryan Quigley
Zem Audu (saxophone)
Helge Lien Trio
James Gardiner-Bateman (saxophone)
Trio VD
Fieldwork with Vijay Iyer, Steve Lehman and Tyshawn Sorey
Arun Gosh
Bilbao Syndrome
Minghe Morte
The Final Terror
The Mighty Jeddo
Ayanna Witter-Johnson (cello and vocals)
Daisy Palmer (drums)
Andrew Plummer (vocals)
Brigitte Bereha (vocals)
Z-U Trio with Shabaka Hutchings, Tom Skinner and Neil Charles
Peter Edwards (piano)
Nicola Emmanuelle (vocals)
Riaan Vosloo (bass)
Will Collier (bass)
James Maddren (drums)
Elisabeth Nygard
Mary Halvorson (guitar)
Sekten sextet
Alex Stewart (vocals)
Chris Hill (bass)
Dylan Howe band
John Turville (piano)
The Chaologists
Nina Ramsby (vocals)
Ambrose Akinmusire (trumpet)
Matt Halsall (trumpet)

and we would add to the list the six very talented winners of the 2008 Yamaha/Classic FM awards:

Ruby Wood (vocals)
John Randall (drums)
Rick Simpson (piano)
Iestyn Jones (bass)
Calum Gourlay (bass)
Zem Audu (saxophone) has already been mentioned above

YolanDa Brown (saxophone)


WHO WAS NEW - The predictions for 2008

Kit Downes (piano),
Dave O'Brien (keyboards),
Matana Roberts (saxophone),
Dave Kane (bass),
Napolean Maddox (beatboxer),
John Law's Trio,
Antonio Sanchez (drums),
Rudresh Mahanthappa (alto saxophone),
The Portico Quartet,
The Blessing,
Billy Jenkins,
Verneri Pohjola (trumpet),
The Magic Hat Ensemble,
Kirsty Almeida (singer/songwriter),
Anna Maria Jopek (singer),
Dave Smith (drums),
Dave Stapleton (piano),
Pawel Kaczmarczyk (piano),
Slawek Jaskulke (piano),
Free Spirits,
Alcyona Mick,
Gareth Roberts Quintet,
Tomos Williams (trumpet),
Bryan Corbett (trumpet),
Sue Richardson (trumpet),
Andre Brown (saxophone),
Ayanna Witter-Johnson (singer),
Raul Midon (singer),
Eric Alexander,
Hod O'Brien
Cyrus Chestnut.

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