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Try our quiz. Fifteen questions each month to exercise those little grey cells.

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Welcome to the Jazz Quiz
for April

They're Playing My Tune.


This month we give you the titles of fifteen jazz tunes and ask you to name the musician / bandleader with whom they are most commonly associated. How many can you name?


Fats Waller



Give yourself an extra point if you are able to identify the song from which these lyrics are taken :


I'm gonna write words, oh, so sweet
They're gonna knock me off my feet


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1. Singin' The Blues



Who is this?





2. The Peanut Vendor








3. Waltz For Debby


4. Flight Of The Foo Birds


5. Blue Rondo À La Turk


6. Your Feet's Too Big




Whi is this?




7. Ko-Ko







8. Moonlight Serenade


9. Fables Of Faubus


10. Bourbon Street Parade (UK Band)


11. The Mooche


12. So What


13. Bemsha Swing



Who is this?





14. I Can't Get Started








15. Cantaloupe Island





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